The 2/2,000,000,000 Rule of Sales and Service

In the first two seconds of an interaction, people are analyzing up to two billion bits of information about you and making a crucial decision.

Their brains are conducting a “threat assessment” and they ultimately decide whether you are “good”, “bad”, “sexy”, or “boring”.

Forget first impressions, I’m talking about first DECISIONS.

They make a FINAL DECISION about you. This is an important distinction. I always thought that “first impression” was something that factored into the decision….but my research is showing that it IS the decision. They’ll justify their decision later. For now, they just make it based on superficial factors.

It only takes people two seconds to make up their mind about you. Any new information they learn about you that is contrary to their decision gets completely ignored. Anything that supports their first DECISION gets remembered.

This means that if they think you’re “bad” after two seconds, then there is very little hope that you’ll ever change their mind. Which is kinda important knowledge for anyone involved in sales or service.

This week, ask yourself how you can improve your first impression. The best thing you can do?

Smile – “You’re never fully dressed without a smile,” says orphan Annie. She’s right. not bad for a red head.

Also, check out The Secret Eyebrow Trick.


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